To Buy Or Not To Buy?

This is the question!

But what I should buy?

I’m not a Sci-Fi writer, I’ve no fantasy so I can write only the history.

In Italy we have not so much pawns as in #US, the only one I know, in my not so little town, is owned by #Unicredit one of the four italian’s biggest banks but at the opposite we are full of “Compro oro” (in english “I buy gold”) shops.

In Italy the people who came from the countryside in the Fifties to work in the factories in the city, in Italy at that time the labour was costing little and many were still producing here to export and to sell in the growing homeland market, had the habit until they did a little money to buy gold necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings.

Due to global crisis the economic situation of a lot of families had become worst and lot of families in needs survived to the crisis thanks to that old habit, selling to “compro oro” shops the gold objects bought by grandparents and parents born around 1920 and 1930.

Now you know what happened in Italy after 2008 and you can understand why I say #Accumulate #Gold until price is low.

I don’t know if it will raise again until 1,900$ oz. as happened in 2011 but sure with an unavoidable financial #Crash already foreseen instead of let you money burn in the crash is better to safe it.



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