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Mors USA Vita Mundi

26 aprile 2017

It should be a Plurk’s post but cause #US censorship


I post it here on my blog.

Finally Pentagon admits that the third world’s war is just around the corner.

We have only a way to avoid it.

Speed-up #US default so they will have no money to do a war.

#Accumulate #Gold stay far away from plain vanilla nothing named #Bitcoin and #StrongSell artificially pumped-up #Stocks which #FED buys shorting #Gold cause they can no more print uncovered notes.

It’s easy.

You too can avoid third world’s war.

Mors #USA vita mundi!



To fuck or to shoot?

21 ottobre 2016

This is the the question!

It’s better to choose someone which fucks or someone which shoots?

Really I’ve no doubt 😀

Better who fucks cause he doesn’t kill no one.

Make love not war has never been more topical 😀

If I should choose, I’m sure, I wouldn’t vote Hillary 😀

And here there’s why 😀

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