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Eat Shit!

19 maggio 2017

One of the most famous sentences of a friend of mine unfortunately deceased was “Eat shit! Billions of flies can’t be wrong!”

Really, more than shit #BankOfJapan is trying to convince you to eat hard-disks and shit USB keys 😀

What will happen in case of #BlackOut if you rely only on virtual “currency” (everyway Bitcoin is NOT a currency).

It happens sometimes today too to whom relies on credit card, technology is exposed to failure and I see always more people which can’t refuel car cause the credit card doesn’t work.

It happened to me too but I learn from mistakes and fortunately I had a ten euro note in pocket so I refuelled car and I arrived at home, with only virtual currency I would be still seated on the back at the gas station waiting for a miracle.

#Bitcoin is safe!

Yes! And I’m Riley Reid!

Really safe!

Not enough? Read further.

And so on!

This night #BOJ has pumped-up #Bitcoin trying to convince folks that plain vanilla nothing is more valueable than #Gold.


But why?

Cause they are the second State after #USA to default due to the second highest world’s debt and counting on not so smart citizens (to me their idiocy it’s readable in their faces) Pillows_Idiocy they are trying to impose #BitcoinStandard cause #Bitcoin is plain vanilla nothing and costless compared to #Gold.

A return to #GoldStandard as asked by #China and #Russia means default for nations like #USA and #Japan cause their Governments are so idiot that they haven’t yet understood that going on hiking financial’s exposure brings only bankruptcy not progress.

I’m idiot so it comes in my mind a question.

But #USA and #Japan were not enemy?

Pearl Harbour, Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Seeing what is happening I have only a suggestion if your brain is not already fucked up.

Don’t waste real notes to buy virtual, but real, shit.

Shit is not edible if you aren’t a fly.

Update 2017/05/21

I’m not alone to say that #Bitcoin is worthless


You can find the entire document here.

Now you are informed and it’s up to you to be smart or to eat shit cause someone said that shit is good.



4 settembre 2016

No, non è morto nessuno!

Semplicemente volevo risparmiare caratteri :p

Che il #Bitcoin è una stronzata ve lo avevo già scritto, e anche tecnologicamente si è dimostrato un algoritmo del cazzo se è stato possibile “minare” – così viene chiamata la creazione dei #Bitcoin per dare l’idea ai boccaloni che valga qualcosa (minare, miniera, oro) – più #Bitcoin di quanti l’algoritmo alla sua base renda possibile.



Quindi il valore unitario di un #Bitcoin è destinato necessariamente a ridursi di almeno il 60%.

Altro che investimento per diventare milionari, milionario lo diventa chi trova polli che gli comperino i #Bitcoin ora!

Ricercasi Ignari Polli 😀

Ora lo avete capito il titolo e perché stanno pompando la quotazione del #Bitcoin ?

Il sistema ha già deciso che il #Bitcoin è morto e se lo dice la fanfara di regime di #Renzi potete crederci, ma state lontani anche da #Monero 😉

L’unica cosa che tornerà di moda, alla faccia degli #USA che si oppongono strenuamente – e ti credo, per loro sarà il #default -, è il #GoldStandard.

Non chinatevi a beccare! 😀

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