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Farts’ Standard

10 Maggio 2017

It’s a long time I advice that Nixon’s fiction that #USD was worthy as #Gold is dead, #USD is plain vanilla shit cause #USA are defaulting due to the world’s largest debt.
Nixon’s fiction was needed to create money from nothing, before if you would create notes you had to own the same amount of gold, so #USA could create an infinite cash flow from turkeys’ pockets directly into capitalists’ pocket thanks turkeys habit of buying a bunch of bric-a-brac cause an idiot doesn’t give the right value to money, till he has it of course, he wakes up too late when he’s already seated on the back i.e. as happened in 1929.
But now China is pressing to a return to #Gold Standard needed to avoid the biggest economics world crisis ever seen as admitted also by Greenspan cause fart covered notes are worthless without regards if they are #USD or #Yuan or what you want.
#USA printed so much notes covered by farts that is impossible for #USA to switch back to #Gold Standard so another idea was needed.
Convince turkeys that a worthless thing was more valuable than #Gold.
And #Bitcoin comes 😀
First they narrated the hacker born democratic decentralized currency without bank behind tale, they strengthen the tale narrating that #Bitcoin was bad cause it was used as payment method by narcos to enforce in weak minded turkeys the idea that bitcoin use would damage the governments so a bunch of idiot started to support #Bitcoin without understand that government were screwing them.
And, now, they are pumping-up #Bitcoin quotation which is useless to folks due to too high transaction’s fees trusting on turkeys’ greed.
#USA and other are fucking around idiots to avoid their death.
No, only plain truth!
They are trying to replace what is now a plain vanilla shit standard (USD) with another plain vanilla shit standard (Bitcoin aka BTC) cause it’s a lot cost less than #Gold.
Don’t let them to fuck you around!
Hold your real notes don’t waste them to buy plain vanilla nothing even if named #Bitcoin and if you have more money then your needs buy shorted, but a lot more valued than bitcoin, gold instead.
Only boobs believe in farts’ standard.

Mors USA Vita Mundi

26 aprile 2017

It should be a Plurk’s post but cause #US censorship


I post it here on my blog.

Finally Pentagon admits that the third world’s war is just around the corner.

We have only a way to avoid it.

Speed-up #US default so they will have no money to do a war.

#Accumulate #Gold stay far away from plain vanilla nothing named #Bitcoin and #StrongSell artificially pumped-up #Stocks which #FED buys shorting #Gold cause they can no more print uncovered notes.

It’s easy.

You too can avoid third world’s war.

Mors #USA vita mundi!


Sconvolto Economia 11 ottobre 2016

11 ottobre 2016

Neanche oggi ho dovuto preparare il caffé quindi non avendo ospiti da intrattenere mi dedico all’informazione.

In Europa ieri Viagra a fiumi per pompare e tenere in piedi la scenografia


gli USA hanno retto il lume per non far sfigurare #Marione probabilmente perché lo avevano chiesto loro stessi a #Marione di pompare


In asia si tenta anche li ma la #Cina di assecondare le richieste #USA pare non volerne sapere, sarà a causa della guerra non dichiarata che gli #USA le fanno in Africa?


Insomma, la giornata che si aprirà oggi in #Europa e a seguire negli #USA sembra l’estrema pompata, o il pollo becca o si va in vacca.

Del resto da 18 giorni le banche centrali hanno ammesso che ormai non funzionava più, finiti soldi finito amore 😀


Insomma se non avete azioni lasciate stare e se siete dentro approfittate delle pompate per mettervi in tasca i soldi e uscire.

Chi era dentro al tempo del #BigCrash si dovette tenere le azioni per tutta la vita per tornare in pari e il #BigCrash non fu nel 1929, quello era solo l’aperitivo, il peggio arrivò nel 1932 😀

Dopo il crollo, il Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) recuperò all’inizio del 1930, per poi calare nuovamente, raggiungendo un minimo di mercato nel 1932. Il Dow Jones non tornò ai livelli precedenti al 1929 prima della fine del 1954.[2]

« Coloro che comprarono azioni nella metà del 1929 e le tennero videro passare la maggior parte della vita da adulti prima di ritornare in pareggio. »

Estratto daì_nero

E anche #Tokyo che quando ho iniziato a scrivera era a +1,16% si inizia già a sgonfiare


Se proprio non riuscite a stare senza investire… #Accumulate #Gold finché lo riescono a frenare, i futures sugli indici #USA lasciano ben poco da sperare


Credo di avervi detto tutto.

Buongiorno #Italieni!

Ops, I forgot my #NSA friends 😀

Good morning guys!

Today too you tried to avoid me writing but today too…

…You have to count to one 😀

Help needed?


You are welcome! 😀

UnDeclared War

25 settembre 2016

Everyone talks about #ISIS but no one looks at what is really behind.

That it’s an #USA creature is already demonstrated and not only by a poor little man like me.


(It’s in italian but as I’m trying to write in english try to read in italian or use google translate 😀 )

#USA has a long time experience in creation of Islamic States (the first created was in Iran in 1979 thinking, a big idiocy, that Ayatollahs would be better in making economic interests of #USA).

And now we are coming to the plain truth about #Isis foundation and financing.

Africa was conquered by China, chinese are smarter than #US, buying government with money (i.e. Ethiopia) instead of fighting them with weapons, weapons are the unique tool known by assholes,and they are so assholes to call weapons “democracy”.

So, how to solve this big trouble?

China hold the majority of #US bonds and if they start to sell them on the market for #USA it would be sure default. 😀

So comes #ISIS officially without binding to #US, a third party army used by #USA to destabilize Africa, hoping that chinese will sleep and won’t discover the plain truth about #ISIS, trying to stop chinese advanced in a continent rich of crude oil, diamonds and gold.

I have only a suggestion for China.

This evening at opening of financial market start to sell #US bond and go on with the return to gold standard.

We will laugh seeing #Obama becoming white like Michael Jackson without surgical treatments. 😀

Have a nice evening Mr #Obama 😀

Update 2016/09/30

Today I found that this article was sure readed from someone which has a lot of power in #USA and from #USA


So powerful to make adds in a blog owned by other 😀

It sounds a little bit illegal 😀

I’m not an idiot and I gather the subtlety.

I’m quite attentive to start sentences with uppercase character but this evening the article didn’t start as I started it and this “unknown”, to highlight he modified it, started the to words added, which give a precise, intimidating, meaning without uppercase character.

My original start was, as restored by me now

“Everyone talks about #ISIS but no one looks at what is really behind.”

Someone, maybe directly you John?, changed it this way to give a precise sense

“war against Everyone talks about #ISIS but no one looks at what is really behind.”

You have to take off some word to catch the real meaning of the “unknown” writer

“Undeclared war against Everyone which says the plain truth about ISIS”

As you modified my article it’s non so undeclared.

It sounds, sure, like a clear war declaration against me 😀

Never ever I conceived to become more hated and considered dangerous by #USA of RMS but be careful, Richard is a good inside, me not.

Piss off!

I’m not scared.


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