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Farts’ Standard

10 Maggio 2017

It’s a long time I advice that Nixon’s fiction that #USD was worthy as #Gold is dead, #USD is plain vanilla shit cause #USA are defaulting due to the world’s largest debt.
Nixon’s fiction was needed to create money from nothing, before if you would create notes you had to own the same amount of gold, so #USA could create an infinite cash flow from turkeys’ pockets directly into capitalists’ pocket thanks turkeys habit of buying a bunch of bric-a-brac cause an idiot doesn’t give the right value to money, till he has it of course, he wakes up too late when he’s already seated on the back i.e. as happened in 1929.
But now China is pressing to a return to #Gold Standard needed to avoid the biggest economics world crisis ever seen as admitted also by Greenspan cause fart covered notes are worthless without regards if they are #USD or #Yuan or what you want.
#USA printed so much notes covered by farts that is impossible for #USA to switch back to #Gold Standard so another idea was needed.
Convince turkeys that a worthless thing was more valuable than #Gold.
And #Bitcoin comes 😀
First they narrated the hacker born democratic decentralized currency without bank behind tale, they strengthen the tale narrating that #Bitcoin was bad cause it was used as payment method by narcos to enforce in weak minded turkeys the idea that bitcoin use would damage the governments so a bunch of idiot started to support #Bitcoin without understand that government were screwing them.
And, now, they are pumping-up #Bitcoin quotation which is useless to folks due to too high transaction’s fees trusting on turkeys’ greed.
#USA and other are fucking around idiots to avoid their death.
No, only plain truth!
They are trying to replace what is now a plain vanilla shit standard (USD) with another plain vanilla shit standard (Bitcoin aka BTC) cause it’s a lot cost less than #Gold.
Don’t let them to fuck you around!
Hold your real notes don’t waste them to buy plain vanilla nothing even if named #Bitcoin and if you have more money then your needs buy shorted, but a lot more valued than bitcoin, gold instead.
Only boobs believe in farts’ standard.

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