UnDeclared War

Everyone talks about #ISIS but no one looks at what is really behind.

That it’s an #USA creature is already demonstrated and not only by a poor little man like me.


(It’s in italian but as I’m trying to write in english try to read in italian or use google translate 😀 )

#USA has a long time experience in creation of Islamic States (the first created was in Iran in 1979 thinking, a big idiocy, that Ayatollahs would be better in making economic interests of #USA).

And now we are coming to the plain truth about #Isis foundation and financing.

Africa was conquered by China, chinese are smarter than #US, buying government with money (i.e. Ethiopia) instead of fighting them with weapons, weapons are the unique tool known by assholes,and they are so assholes to call weapons “democracy”.

So, how to solve this big trouble?

China hold the majority of #US bonds and if they start to sell them on the market for #USA it would be sure default. 😀

So comes #ISIS officially without binding to #US, a third party army used by #USA to destabilize Africa, hoping that chinese will sleep and won’t discover the plain truth about #ISIS, trying to stop chinese advanced in a continent rich of crude oil, diamonds and gold.

I have only a suggestion for China.

This evening at opening of financial market start to sell #US bond and go on with the return to gold standard.

We will laugh seeing #Obama becoming white like Michael Jackson without surgical treatments. 😀

Have a nice evening Mr #Obama 😀

Update 2016/09/30

Today I found that this article was sure readed from someone which has a lot of power in #USA and from #USA


So powerful to make adds in a blog owned by other 😀

It sounds a little bit illegal 😀

I’m not an idiot and I gather the subtlety.

I’m quite attentive to start sentences with uppercase character but this evening the article didn’t start as I started it and this “unknown”, to highlight he modified it, started the to words added, which give a precise, intimidating, meaning without uppercase character.

My original start was, as restored by me now

“Everyone talks about #ISIS but no one looks at what is really behind.”

Someone, maybe directly you John?, changed it this way to give a precise sense

“war against Everyone talks about #ISIS but no one looks at what is really behind.”

You have to take off some word to catch the real meaning of the “unknown” writer

“Undeclared war against Everyone which says the plain truth about ISIS”

As you modified my article it’s non so undeclared.

It sounds, sure, like a clear war declaration against me 😀

Never ever I conceived to become more hated and considered dangerous by #USA of RMS but be careful, Richard is a good inside, me not.

Piss off!

I’m not scared.


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